Edge4Vets STARS!

Recognizing Veterans Who Provide an "Edge"

What is the Edge4Vets STARS! Incentive Program?

Military veterans have served our country well. Now millions are serving in our country's workforces using values and skills they developed in the military.

The Edge4Vets STARS! incentive gives Edge4Vets partner organizations an opportunity to celebrate their military veteran employees and highlight, recognize and secure awards for the "edge" they give their companies in the competitive business marketplace.

How does the Incentive work?

Edge4Vets offers two programs, including a CORPORATE program in cities and states and an Edge4Vets at AIRPORTS program for airports and aviation service companies participating through our partnership with Airports Council Int'l – NA.

HR teams in each category circulate information on "Edge4Vets STARS!" to division and department managers in their organizations. The Edge4Vets web page showcases EIGHT unique skills veterans possess according to universal research.

Managers use guidance on the web page to match the performance of military veterans in their departments with the eight critical skills to tell the veterans' stories and create nominations. Then they submit the nominations to Edge4Vets.

How to make Nominations?

Choose the appropriate category:

How do Veteran "Stars" get recognized?

A panel of judges assesses nominations that come in throughout the year and in November Edge4Vets highlights, recognizes and rewards "top performers" as a tie-in to Veterans' Day.

In addition, Edge4Vets channels the nominations back to HR partners at regular intervals throughout the year. HR can use the information to highlight their nominees – and set up systems for internal recognition – in ways the organization sees fit. Many choose to do quarterly recognition on social media, and Edge4Vets can offer suggestions on how to do this. But HR departments choose what is appropriate for them.

Also, the list of winners is shared with media to showcase partner organizations for their leadership in providing support for veterans.

Edge4Vets Stars! Program

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Edge4Vets STARS! Is offered by the
Human Resiliency Institute at Fordham University.

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