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View the video above to see an Edge4Vets workshop in action, and at the bottom view the video clip that shows how the ONLINE course works.

"Edge4Vets helps bridge the gap between organizations and veterans by helping the veteran see that with the slightest shift in perspective on their experience, they already have the skills (both tangible and intangible) that leading companies are searching for. I recommend Edge4Vets highly!"Dennis Stringer, UMASS Lowell veteran

Choose the Edge4Vets Option that works for you - Three OPTIONS:

  1. Edge4Vets Program

    The Edge4Vets program prepares vets for careers in banking/finance, transportation, IT, life sciences, pharma, hospitals and health care, cruise, hospitality, media, non-profit and more.

    See the home page for logos from a partial list of companies that have partnered with us.

    We offer TWO ZOOM workshops, plus an online course, to teach vets, National Guard and active duty (and their spouses) how to translate their military strengths (values and skills) into tools for civilian success.

    Then Edge4Vets connects participants to HR reps at our partner companies for job opportunities that can lead to careers.

    Edge4Vets "Business" programs are offered in New York, Massachusetts and New Jersey.

    Click here to register for an Edge4Vets workshop series in NY, MA and NJ.

  2. Edge4Vets at Airports

    Want a job at an airport in your community? Our "Edge4Vets at Airports" workshop will help you land an airport/aviation job with one of our airport employers in the US and Canada. We'll PREPARE and CONNECT you to jobs with airport operators, airlines, aviation service companies (retail and food and beverage,) aviation consulting companies and many more exciting aviation employers.

    Click here to register for an airport workshop (offered in partnership with Airports Council Int'l – North America.)

  3. CUNY VETERANS – prepare for a job as a contact tracer.

    The COVID-19 crisis has created a need for contact tracers to help defeat the disease. Edge4Vets has developed a specific module, Vets4Tracing, to prepare vets to be contact tracers. (Currently, we offer this for CUNY vets, but will be expanding soon.)


See how the Edge4Vets ONLINE course works:
Two Zoom sessions along with our Edge4Vets ONLINE course.