To succeed in business veterans need to translate their strengths from the military into tools for quality performance in the civilian workplace.

The Edge4Vets program is here to guide you through this translation process with ONLINE training and WORKSHOP support.

Get ready for a JOB that can lead to a CAREER and the LIFE you want

"I had applied to more than 30 positions in sales, marketing, and operations across America and received little to no feedback. Edge4Vets gave me a chance to find my passion, define my values, and communicate my skills to the civilian world. The ONLINE Edge4Vets platform was easy to use, and insightful. They connected me to their partner companies and expanded my network to include hiring managers at top businesses. I'm grateful career services like Edge4Vets exist and highly recommend it to any transitioning Vet." - ANNA H, Army veteran.

1. Prepare

Workshop Series

Learn how to translate your military strengths - and create a personal PLAN4SUCCESS.

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2. Connect

Network Building

Get connected to HR reps for job opportunities at our partner companies.

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3. Profiles in Success

Achievement Stories

Read testimonials of vets applying their military skills – get support from Vet2Vet.

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Support for Aviation Resiliency Post Pandemic

Rebuild Your Airport Workforce with Veterans (Edge4Vets)

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Promote Airport Workforce Safety (Covid Testing)

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Vets: Want to Give Back?
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Partner companies providing mentors

  • Partner Companies American Airlines
  • Partner Companies Analog Devices
  • Partner Companies Boston Scientific
  • Partner Companies Carnival Corp
  • Partner Companies CBS
  • Partner Companies CVS Health
  • Partner Companies Delta
  • Partner Companies Deutsche Bank
  • Partner Companies Draper
  • Partner Companies Eversource
  • Partner Companies Fresnesius
  • Partner Companies Hasbro
  • Partner Companies Jet Blue
  • Partner Companies Ultimate Kronos Group
  • Partner Companies Macquaire Bank
  • Partner Companies Medtronic
  • Partner Companies Sig Sauer
  • Partner Companies Standard Chartered
  • Partner Companies Textron
  • Partner Companies United Natural Foods
  • Partner Companies Vertex
  • Partner Companies Vigilant Resources
  • Partner Companies Amica
  • Partner Companies Boston Children's Hospital
  • Partner Companies Cambridge Savings Bank
  • Partner Companies Keolis

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