Become an Edge4Vets Coach

VETS: Join our Edge4Vets Coaching Team!

You're a vet and today you're employed in the civilian workplace. Do you want to give back and help a "new" vet coming along?

Become an Edge4Vets Coach!

The Edge4Vets program gives military veterans, led by those who've taken Edge4Vets, a chance to provide support to veterans coming into our program. You get a chance to share your "transition story," along with steps you took to land a job and set yourself on a path to career success.

In Edge4Vets we teach veterans - as well as National Guard members and spouses - how to translate their military strengths, including strong values and skills, into tools to achieve civilian success. Now we give veterans who have made the transition a chance to teach "new" veterans, some who may be struggling with the process, how they can learn from your success.

To learn more about how our coaching program works and how you can become an Edge4Vets Coach CLICK HERE.