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Edge4Vets + Airports Council Int'l - North America

Edge4Vets is partnering with Airports Council Int'l - North America to accelerate veterans into airport workforces nationally. Let us help you land a job that can lead to a career at an airport in your community!


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Airports Council Int'l -NA has named Edge4Vets as its official partner to prepare and connect veterans to aviation jobs in the US and Canada.
We offer an IN-PERSON WORKSHOP SERIES, but also an ONLINE course for those who live outside of the area.

VETS: Three STEPS to land an airport job: 1, 2, 3!:

  1. Step One: Register below. We'll send you a Welcome letter with full details on how Edge4Vets helps you gain an "edge" to get hired.

  2. Step Two: Join us for our IN-PERSON Workshop. You'll learn how to translate your strengths from the military and express them for civilian success. We'll teach you how to create a PLAN4SUCCESS that personalizes your strengths and for an "edge" to get hired. We'll showcase job opportunities at the airport and give you a chance to line up interviews – all with support from hiring managers who serve as "mentors" and provide you with feedback and support in the workshop.

  3. Step Three: We'll follow up to give you a complete list of contacts showing the hiring managers who participated in the workshop, so you'll be able to reach out them directly. Also we'll invite you to a "Hone Your Edge" zoom session. At the session, we'll guide you to finalize your PLAN4SUCCESS and again showcase the PROCESS to apply for airport jobs. Edge4Vets' goal is to help you land a job that can lead to a career – and give you the life you want!

Bottom line, Edge4Vets is designed to work as a system of PREP and CONNECT. We prepare you to be job ready, then we connect you to decision-makers at our partner airports who can open a world of aviation career opportunities for you.




LAX Workshop



  • WEDNESDAY, MAY 31, 2023
  • 9:30am to 1:30pm (free lunch included)
  • Hyatt Regency LAX / Penthouse Conference Room
  • 6225 West Century Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90045
  • (Free parking at the hotel, bring your ticket to the workshop for validation.)

Register now. We'll get you started to gain an "edge" to get hired.


See the successful Spring 2019 workshop at LAX: Click here



Airports Continue to Join Edge4Vets!

We're working with airports around the US and Canada to expand our NETWORK of airports participating in the Edge4Vets/ACI-NA partnership.

For those who want a job in New York, we have a partnership with NYC Department of Veterans Affairs to expand Edge4Vets. This will include an expansion of our workshop series to NYC Airports. To register in advance for Edge4Vets at NYC airports, click here.

We'll post more airports as they join. In the meantime, click on General Registration to indicate the airport where you have interest to work.

ACI North America - Airports Council International


We are in the process of creating a partnership with University Aviation Association. Veterans studying in UAA's 128 member schools will have an opportunity to participate in the Edge4Vets jobs prep and connect program. You are invited to join us.

CONNECTING University Aviation Association to Aviation Jobs

We invite veterans attending UAA-member schools to register and get CONNECTED to HR reps and hiring managers at our network of aviation employers. We partner with Airports Council Int'l – North America and its 300 member airports in the US and Canada for "connection" to job opportunities

Register in advance and we'll contact you to share details on how you can take the Edge4Vets workshop series and get connected to an airport of your choice through our partnership with ACI-NA.

REGISTER Click here

See Edge4Vets in action:

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