CUNY VETERANS: Become a coronavirus Contact Tracer

Vets4Tracing – Online Workshop Series

An Online Prep Course for Contact Tracing
Tap Your Military Strengths to Help Fight Coronavirus.


Edge4Vets is responding to the Coronavirus crisis by adapting our jobs prep program to create a special "prep and connect" online training module to provide veterans with an "edge" to get hired as Contact Tracers.

What is contact tracing? And why veterans?

To reopen the economy safely, medical experts tell us it's vital to TEST, TRACE and ISOLATE. To accomplish this task, an "army" of contact tracers are being hired to follow up on "contacts" made by those who test positive for coronavirus. Who better for that "army" than those with military experience!

Vets can bring military values to the task, including empathy, work ethic and commitment to mission. Vets possess unique skills as well, including experience working under pressure, communicating with diverse populations and being proactive, that align with tracer responsibilities.

The contact tracing "army" will be hired by health agencies working with government – but Edge4Vets can help military veterans gain an "edge" to get hired by showing them how to showcase their unique strengths.

We'll be starting this project in New York in collaboration with City University of New York (CUNY.)

CUNY's office of veterans' affairs already partners with Edge4Vets on the "regular" Edge4Vets program that prepares veterans for jobs in business/finance, pharma, media and more. Now we'll be working with CUNY's veterans affairs officials to give CUNY vets a chance to take our new "Vets4Tracing" module.

The ZOOM training PILOT will include not only instruction in how Contact Tracing works, and the role veterans can play – but we'll teach veterans how to identify their military strengths and apply their values and skills to perform at a high level as a "tracer."

VETS, we'll show you how to create a Contact Tracer "PLAN4SUCCESS" to articulate your strengths. You'll be able to share your completed PLAN with health agencies doing the hiring to gain an "edge" to get hired.

Currently, we’re in the planning stage with CUNY on the schedule for offering this training. If you would like us to keep you posted – and invite you to take the online training workshop when the schedule has been firmed up, REGISTER today.

Invest in yourself. Take the Edge4Vets online course – "Vets4Tracing" – for an "edge" to get hired and help in the fight against coronavirus.


Any questions, please contact:

Tom Murphy