Prepare: Workshop Series

VETS, you’ve served our country & now you’re home looking for a job!

But you don’t want just any job. You want work that will lead to a career and give you the life you want. Watch our video to see how Edge4Vets can give you an “edge!”

How Edge4Vets works

Edge4Vets offers what we call a system of Prep and Connect. This is what makes Edge4Vets different from other vet job prep programs – we blend “job readiness” training with personal support from business mentors.

In the first segment, Prep, we help you achieve what business leaders say you need to most; that is to translate your military strengths into tools for civilian success

We offer two options for Prep:

1.Once you register and are accepted, we provide you with access to our free Online Prep course, where a series of short videos guide you to create a personal plan4success. While you’re working on your Plan we invite you a free Connect Workshop as well where HR reps and hiring managers from our partner companies serve as mentors to guide you through the process of refining your plan4Success. Mentors help you get your plan into final shape before submitting it to us to earn your Edge4Vets certificate, a credential that gives you an “edge” in the jobs marketplace because it shows HR Managers that you’ve invested time and energy to make yourself “job ready.”

In addition, HR Reps from our partner companies bring listings of job and internship openings to the Connect Workshop. They help you match your Skills and interests reflected in your plan4Success to job and career opportunities at their companies.

2. Prep Online: If you are time-constrained and cannot attend the Connect Workshop, you can complete the Prep session online and we will connect you to HR Managers at our partner companies digitally. Our counselors will explain the process once you register.

The Edge4Vets system of Prep and Connect really works: research shows that up to 8 out of 10 vets who have taken Edge4Vets got jobs!

How It Works

Join Edge4Vets! It’s easy as 1-2-3!


Online Prep Workshop

In our short online course you’ll learn how to translate your military strengths, including Values and Skills, into tools for success in the civilian workplace. You’ll be shown how to create a personal Plan4Success and we’ll invite you to our Connect Workshop where executives from our partner companies (Mentors) will help you refine your Plan4Success to make yourself “job ready.”

This video shows how the online course helps you translate your military skills


Connect Workshop

The Connect Workshop is the “pay-off” for all your hard work to prepare yourself for civilian success!

Mentors, including HR reps and hiring managers from our partner companies, bring listings of job and internship openings to the workshop. They help you match your skills and interests from your paln4success to those job and career opportunities at their companies and they show you how build a network of job and career contacts to secure interviews.

The combination of online instruction and mentoring is a hallmark of the Edge4Vets program.


Taking The Full Program Online

We are working on a system that will allow those who cannot take the Connect Workshop, either because of work, school, distance or other constraints, to take the Edge4Vets program completely online, in which case we’ll Connect you to HR Reps from our partner companies and job opportunities on a digital basis. Our Edge4Vets ‘coaches” will explain when you inquire.



Network Building

Get connected to HR reps for job opportunities at our partner companies.

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