Supporting Airport Resiliency:

Rebuilding the Workforce, and Keeping Employees Safe from Covid.

America may be finished with Covid, but Covid is not finished with America. There are two ways we can support airports as Covid evolves: 1) help them rebuild their workforces and 2) keep their employees safe.

"The Human Resiliency Institute at Fordham is taking steps to help airports bounce back from the pandemic by expanding our “Resiliency Support Project” with a two-part effort. In Part One, we help airports accelerate veterans into their workforces with Edge4Vets “Workforce Rebuild” training. In addition, we’re adding Part Two, a “Workforce Safety” component to help airports safeguard their employees’ health as the virus mutates and surges continue."

PART ONE: Rebuild Your Workforce with Veterans

For several years, the institute has been partnering with ACI-NA to offer a “Workforce Rebuilding” effort with Edge4Vets.
For full details on this aspect of the project – click here.


In Part Two of our resiliency support effort, we give airports access FREE Covid testing system to keep their workforces safe as new Covid variants evolve.

We’ve identified a company with a strong national reputation to serve as our partner in the “Workforce Safety” component. The company, Beechtree Diagnostic , has a stellar rating from the FDA as well as a strong record of achievement for speed and accuracy. In addition, Beechtree’s coordinator on the project is a veteran who oversaw portions of the US military’s air traffic control operation during the Iraq war and the company has a strong commitment to veterans.

The Covid testing system we’ve designed with Beechtree is FREE to airports and can be “plugged in” and universally applied to any airport’s operation. Airports wishing to explore how the “Workforce Safety” component can be adapted to their operations should contact us - we’ll connect them to Beechtree to discuss the application process for installing the testing system at no cost to the airport.

For full details on the “Workforce Safety” feature, contact Tom Murphy at

Photo shows a Drop Box at a One Stop location where employees return their tests after picking up a testing kit for themselves and family members.Beechtree Diagnostics conducts PCR tests and returns results within 24 hours to the employee, while providing the airport with a copy for record-keeping. Beechtree handles all administrative processes for the testing, including billing to insurance companies and government programs – at no cost to the airport.

Join the two-part “Airport COVID Resiliency Project” today:

  • Workforce Rebuilding with Veterans
  • Workforce Safety with Covid Testing

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